Sounders Music launches own label indie4talent

In September 2019, Sounders Music, an app that objectively assesses the hit potential before the release of songs, went live. But potential alone does not make a hit. This also requires investment in marketing and promotion. In order to meet those needs, Sounders Music has set up its own music label: indie4talent. As the name implies, this is an independent label, focused on new talent.

The approach

Indie4talent’s approach is purely data-driven. Artists are discovered by checking their track rating in specific audiences in the Sounders Music app. Subsequently, non-exclusive partnerships are sought for the high potentials with renowned music experts, who invest in supporting and marketing the talent. For instance, managers, bookers, promoters, music publishers, recording studios and legal service providers, as required.

The Lighthouse

The first artist that has been signed by indie4talent is The Lighthouse. Over the next three years, the label will put this talented Belgian band on the map in the Netherlands. On Thursday 3 September, their album Whatever Comes Our way will be released, as well as their single Headlights which received the highest track rating by the Intense audience.

Willem Bloem (indie4talent): “The beauty of data is that the assessment is not hindered by subjective taste. That is why indie4talent becomes a genre-transcending label, where only two criteria apply: the talent and the potential of the artists. In collaboration with the best music professionals, we want to turn that potential into successful careers.

The Lighthouse: “After some pleasant conversations with Willem Bloem, we are convinced of his skills and network, and of the fact that he is going to give it all to offer our music a broader platform. A band cannot wish for more. That’s why we confidently leave the distribution and promotion of our album in the Netherlands to indie4talent.”