The album provides the framework for a musical journey of slumbering romance. While drifting through a variety of mood-driven tracks, the listener cycles trough the nights and days of two protagonists, who slowly learn to discover the merits of their puzzling relationship. The new songs take the listener along on a trip into a universe of sultry summer evenings and wild adventures… but also of doubt and growing responsibility, whilst youthful years slowly come to an end. Expect a varied selection of intelligent pop songs that builds on their previous work, but clearly displaying an evolution into The Lighthouse as a mature band.

The album has been recorded throughout numerous weekends in ‘Great Oak Studios’, in the band’s hometown. Right next to the church and the local pub lies a little underground walhalla of creative freedom. The close to home found gem that is Great Oak was greatly responsible for the sound and atmosphere that made the album what it is today. Some last recording sessions where done in Haarlem at the KABAAL Studios, which spacious hall made for a great drum sound (listen to Pretty Classy if you’d like to get a feel). The band chose once again to work together with multi-platinum producer Huub Reijnders (NL), resulting in a smart but playful production approach. Huub Reijnders also did the mixing for the entire album, and mastering was done by Robin Schmidt at 24-96. Artwork was provided through a collaboration with Joachim Mertens and Diederik Craps, in the beautiful greenhouses of the University of Leuven. We really love the result, hope you do to!

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